Exciting News!

Recently, I had the privilege of having my poem, Returning in Time, selected for the January issue of Ink and Sword Magazine! What?? This is my first fiction publication, and I’m so grateful!

Check it out below and let me know what you think! Ink and Sword takes submissions from aspiring writers, so if you’re interested in getting your work out there, I highly recommend it!

Returning in Time
by Megan Maclaine

A little girl, six–
in a classroom, on the floor.
A notebook beneath her nose,
a yellow pencil under her thumb.
She is mirrored by the others–
each in their own thought-up world,
lost in their own plot of the classroom floor.

A little girl, ten–
at a friend’s house, on the couch.
A script on the coffee table,
a video camera in the shag carpet.
She giggles over lines
about a set staged precisely
with stuffed animals and hand-drawn costumes.

A young girl, fourteen–
in her bedroom, at her desk.
A speckled journal under her palm,
a phone in her back pocket.
Her mind is full of things
that she writes in a poem
about rain clouds and wishing for sun.

A young girl, eighteen–
in a new city, on a train.
She is reflected in vacant eyes
lifting just for a moment,
while traveling far from her desk at home
where her notebook lays under its cover
and her pen is asleep in its drawer.

A young woman, twenty-two–
in a bedroom between the sheets.
Her phone, silent on the dresser,
unread books on long, black shelves.
She stares at the cracked ceiling
of an old, worn house,
eyes squeezed above wet cheeks
that dread another new day.

A young woman, twenty-six–
in a cafe, on a stool.
A rainy-day song sings in far-off speakers,
a small box rests in her hands.
Pulling at the ribbon, she lifts the top
to reveal a notebook, crisp and familiar,
with a yellow pencil tucked tightly into the spiral.

If you’d like to read the full January issue, you can find it here.

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