The Introduction

So, I’m on, like, my fifth draft of this, which makes me think I might be trying too hard. What do I really want to share about myself anyway? Do IΒ haveΒ to share things about myself? I guess that’s the whole point of a blog…

Do I need to distinguish a ‘voice’? Relay a personal history? Share likes and dislikes?

…I feel like I’m forcing this.

“That is a totally valid feeling.” -Bethany J., roommate extraordinaire

I guess I’ll just list some things, and we’ll go from there? Cool.

It’s meeee

Number one: I haven’t published anything. I’m not an expert on writing, editing, publishing, any of it. Like my current novel, I’m very much a work-in-progress.

Number two: in the first month of drafting said novel, I wrote 50,000 words. (Thank you, NaNoWriMo!) In the following 11 months, I’ve written 15,000. Lol.

Number three: in my spare time, I’m probably reorganizing my house, doing-it-myself (the first-person D.I.Y.?), reading, watching endless YouTube videos, or taking care of sweet living creatures ❀

Number four: speaking of living creatures!! Last winter, I filled my apartment with plants and gave new meaning to the phrase ‘Urban Jungle.’ In addition to dozens of plants, I have two cats, Milo and Sunny, who are life to my souuuul. Like me, they love a good keyboard.

So, welcome to my blog! Okay, your turn– what’s something I should know about you?

Until next time,

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